Refer a Friend & Earn INR 1000

Refer a Friend
  • Lenders who are eligible for a Lifetime fee waiver/ paid annual fee are only eligible for the Referral bonus!!
  • Every lender can refer and the referral bonus is calculated for them, but it will be paid once they become eligible
  • Let's grow as a family while you engage with OXYLOANS' lending platform. We can become a support system for each other in all circumstances.
  • Every time your friend lends money, both you and your friend will benefit. Your friend will earn interest on the lent amount, and you will receive a Reference Fee based on the example below:
  • For instance, you referred XYZ, and when XYZ joined the platform and lent INR 3,00,000, here's how your Reference Fee would be calculated,For the first INR 1,00,000, you will get INR 1000. For the second INR 1,00,000, you will get INR 100. For the third INR 1,00,000, you will get INR 100. In total, you will receive INR 1200 as your Reference Fee.
  • For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit FAQS / MORE

Invite Friends/ Professionals

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Note: The file format should be .xlsx, The columns in Excel should be arranged as follows: Column 1: Name, Column 2: Email, Column 3: Phone Number.

Set-up a NeoBank.

Welcome to OxyLoans !

In 2019-Feb, we got the RBI NBFC-P2P license.

Using this license, We are able to offer p2p lending services.

In p2p lending lenders & borrowers, both are Individuals/companies/PAN card holders.

Using the following referral links, you can launch the p2p lending platform which we are calling a Neo bank.

How to launch a NeoBank in 3 steps,detail site with videos : Click Here